Kangana goes bankrupt!!

Yes, you read it right. The queen herself went bankrupt that day!!


Every woman has fashion cravings; be it for that gorgeous black Dior outfit or that bling Michael Kors bag! Like each of us, even Kangana has always dreamt of wearing the most exquisite dress from that Italy store and now, after so many successful films in her bag she can afford it all, but that was not the case at the beginning of her career.

One day she saw a Crimson Moschino dress, which made her use all her bank balance. She mentions in an interview that she hardly had 45k-50k in her bank account, and that was also the value of the dress. She loved the dress so much that she decided to empty the entire account and this lead to her first luxury buy! It is indeed exquisite and a head turner, and also worth going bankrupt!! She is a true fashionista!!


Cheers to her; and we wish that she becomes so popular across the globe that these brands call her for their advertisement campaigns someday! Loads of luck and happiness to you Kangana!


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