Style Cracker Borough : 10 Designers you shouldn’t have missed!

The Stylonic team had the opportunity to visit the StyleCracker Borough that was held at the Mahalakshmi Racecourse, Mumbai on the 28th and 29th of November. The event consisted of over 200 stalls which ranged from designer outfits to Jewellery stalls to food stalls! The event had a unique fashion overview, but there were these fashion designers that really stood apart. If you were not lucky enough to visit the borough, here’s the list for you.

Ginil & Disha  

These 2 talented young designers showed boldness and a lot of color in their designs. Their designs were distinct because of the richness in color and texture.


Stylonic - Ginil & Disha

Ruvya – Ruchika & Divya  

The designs by Ruchika & Divya kept them apart from the rest was because of the use of astute color and notable design. The display consisted of designs that were simple and elegant.

Stylonic - Ruvya 

The E.Z.R.A collection consisted of subtle and simple use of fabric and color. This, matched with their styling turned out to be a gamechanger.

Stylonic - E.Z.R.A


Ohaila Khan 

Ohaila Khan is a talented designer that has designed clothes for Sonakshi Sinha, Zoa Morani to name a few. Her designs had a prime royal Indian touch, which was sui generis to the brand.


Shachi Sood

Shachi’s designs had a very subtle approach to the Indian Designs on display. The colors were mellow with a good use of work to adorn the designs.



Akshata Bhojania

She is the first designer for Men to be featured in this list. Her designs had a classic touch to it. The blazers, suits and shirts were unique and had class written all over it!

Stylonic - Akshata Bhojania

Stylonic - Akshata Bhojania


This one basically stood out because of its notable prints. The prints were catchy yet stylish. We like!

Stylonic - Printalk

Stylonic - Printalk

Lakshmi Laungani

Adding an elegant touch to Indian Men’s wear, this is one designer we didn’t want to miss. The designs were an outstanding lot of print and design, which is a high recommendation to the men out there!

Stylonic - Lakshmi

Shruti Jalan

Probably the only one to feature unique clothes and designs for the Tiny Tots in the house! Her collection of children’s wear was simply marvellous. See your child as a fashion icon? Then this is for you!

Stylonic - Shruti Jalan

Stylonic - Shruti Jalan

Aww! – Priyanka 

Priyanka’s designs mainly had the western look with an Indian touch to it. The jackets and the dresses really stood out.

Stylonic - Aww

Stylonic - Aww

These were just a few of the many designers at the borough. We might have missed a few, but if you think you have any to add, feel free to let us know. Cheers.


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