Honeymoon Fashion Essentials for Women

Its December time (Yayy!), the time of the year when the calendar is full of weddings! The time when either you or at least one of the people you know is getting married! Honeymoon following the wedding is a way to spend some quality time with your partner. You may travel to beaches of Bali or the adventurous Spain, but you wouldn’t wish to be any less stylish.


So, if you’re one of those tying the knot this winter, here are some things you should pack when going for your honeymoon.


Comfortable pair of shorts

You might be travelling all the while, and the last thing you would want is to get worn out. So a comfortable pair of shorts matched with a good top is must-have!



A good fitting pair of trousers/jeans

A good pair of jeans is something that can be worn anywhere when matched perfectly. Be it the shopping trip to the market or to a casual dinner, a pair of jeans works everywhere.



An evening dress

This one is for the romantic dinner night. That classic white or black dress can do wonders.

1392033_758850527505729_7008324537815033287_n NALANDA BHANDARI


Maxi dress

A maxi dress is comfortable yet chic. It can be worn for visiting that architectural wonder or just to a lunch, looks good each time!



A pair of walking shoes

A good pair of walking shoes will make your travel comfortable. Go for that trek, or just a city walk, a right pair of shoes will help you be relaxed.



A stylish jacket

A stylish jacket can be worn for either that night in the club or generally if you visit some place cold! A stylish jacket paired with a good scarf, is a class apart.



For any suggestions, do leave us a comment. Have a great trip 😀


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