Winter Essentials for Women

John Snow’s prediction is coming to life, “Winter IS Coming”. In some parts of India, winter has already arrived. If you’re from Mumbai, you may still have to be a little patient with winter there.

Before its here, make sure you stock up with these for a stylish winter!

Long sleeve tops

Its that time of the year when you can willfully roam around wearing long sleeve tops and it won’t feel hot.



An essential winter wear, here’s the chance to flaunt your leather jackets. A leather jacket in black or brown never goes out of style.

leather jacket


Knitted Leggings and top

Winter is a mix of bright and dark colors. A pair of knitted leggings and top looks chic and keeps you warm.

knitted leggings



Sweaters are a necessity to keep you warm. A mix of colorful and printed sweaters is the right choice.

knitted sweater

Scarves and Stoles

Scarves can be worn above a t-shirt or any ensemble for that matter, and will still look good. Invest in different stoles in various colors and prints.


Socks and Stockings

They help you keep your feet warm, and adds a good color to the look. Buy pairs of various colors and prints, you can also buy nudes too!


Have a happy winter. Enjoy the cold while it lasts!



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