Revealed: What makes Manish Malhotra so successful?

Yes, Manish Malhotra turned 25 this year, well not literally but as a costume designer this is his silver jubilee. Quiet a gentleman that he is, his designs have been speaking volumes & all the bigwigs are swearing on his designs!

Thirty-five awards, more than 1,000 films, 1.1 million likes on Facebook, 407K followers on Instagram—it’s easy to capture the highlights of Manish Malhotra’s life in numbers. He has been solely responsible for redefining Bollywood fashion; with his vision he has come a long way in the industry. But what made him rise to this pedestal?

For this, Kareena Kapoor Khan says “He is where he is, only because I think he is MANISH”!!

So today on his Birthday here is the recipe behind his success & glory: In a recent video of Manish Malhotra’s photoshoot with Vogue, we see 100’s of people around to help him to set his drapes, adjust the outfit for the camera and do all what he says within no time. But here is what we observed:

Manish Malhotra GIF

Manish Malhotra GIF 2

He is doing it all by himself!!

He is cutting the extra threads on that Alia’s dress, he is organising the flow of the outfit flaunted by Kareena, he is setting up Sridevi’s outfit just to perfection. He is doing it all! Not because, there is no one who will do it for him, but because there is no one other than himself he trusts to showcase his dress the best.

Manish Malhotra 3

That is what is his secret to success. Only you know your work best.

Do it perfect, Do it yourself, Do it Always!! With his sheer dedication & perfection, Manish Malhotra truly qualifies to be among the best Indian designers today. wishes you a very Happy Birthday & another 100 years of success!




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