Your Concert Style Guide

If you’re one of those music junkies, December is the best season for you. With a number of music festivals like NH7 Weekender, Ultra Music Festival, Sunburn, Enchanted Valley Carnival lined up, the music buff in you is set to roll out. But the question is, how do you style up for that? Allow us to help you with that. Here’s what you can wear while you’re going for that concert.


This look is for the kind of concerts where you are at a beach or at a ground listening to that EDM and grooving. Ideal for UMF, Sunburn and EVC


This style is ideal for a rock/metal fan. NH7 Weekender and EVC is the best to wear this style at, you can also wear these at individual and underground music gigs.


These looks are from the world’s biggest music festival Tomorrowland. These styles are perfect for the EVC and the Weekender where you have the chance to listen a multi-stage event!


Ideal for Sunburn, EVC and the weekender this style is ideal to stay comfortable yet gorgeous throughout the event.


Yet again a look that is ideal for the Metal and Rock fan in you! This match up can be worn at the Weekender and Individual /Underground Music gigs.

Have fun and Dance the night away!



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