Suits to wear at your wedding reception – Men

Selecting the right suit for your wedding reception can be a tough task. Its imperative to choose the right one for the most important day of your life. If its a day reception, then choosing a light colored suit can be the way and a dark one if its a night reception. Either ways selecting the right style is necessary. Here are the options that you can select from :

1. The British Suit
This is more of a traditional approach. Double Breasted or Single, this suit is a classic go-to.

british suit.jpg


2. American Suit
This suit is more or less similar to the British, but more baggy and Single Breasted.



3. Italian Suits

These are highly trending these days. Its cut for a slim look and the jacket is made to fit. The buttons are placed higher because the Jacket is shorter



4. Semi Formal

This kind of suit is usually the one without a vest. Its a 2-piece suit with well tailored shirt and trousers, and a tie.

semi formal


Don’t forget to wear these accessories



A good belt with medium sized buckle.





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