Style Guide : Stay Ageless

You may be in your 20’s , 30’s , 40’s or even 50’s but dressing with power and style is timeless. Like they say Age is just a number! Here’s your style guide from Stylonic to stay stylish no matter what!

You are in college or just out of it. You have tried all the funky and loud clothes in offer. Its time now to invest in Basics. You’re still young and can show some skin, but that should be done with elegance!

Skinny Jean
A stylish yet basic requirement for anyone in her 20’s. Add it up with a comfortable top and it does the job for you!



A Blazer
Adds charm and class to any attire. A blazer is a must have weather you’re going to work or at a friends party.



Little Black Dress
A little black dress is a perfect attire for any occassion. In our previous posts, we mentioned about the kinds of LBD you can wear.. Read it here



A basic tee
Simple, plain white or black tee is a must have for any age. Works on all outfits.

plain tee.jpg


A simple cardigan can add a layer to the outfit and can be worn at work or a simple dinner




This is the time when you can define your own style. You can choose a particular style as a core and experiment here and there.

Black Pumps
A classic Accessory to any wardrobe, this is a must have, since it never really goes out of style


Other than this you can also go for a vibrant dress or a nice Salwar Kameez.



This is the time to flaunt your style and bet on the pieces you know you look good in.

Now is the time to flaunt some jewellery. Keep it simple yet something that makes a statement.



You can showcase your prints with ease.


A Saree is a timeless piece and nothing defines power more than a woman in a saree.



Growing with age also means a growing confidence. The years of experience define authority and confidence with ease. There’s no harm in trying that pencil skirt or wearing prints and colors that the young can’t. Take an advantage of your age and put the youngsters in shame. Dont feel shy to experiment with colors as long as it is comfortable.

A good coat and comfortable shoes can be added in this age.




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