The Fashion Santa

Its the time of the year when all the malls are filled with Christmas Trees, Snow models, Snowmen and of course, St. Nicholas or Santa Claus as we all know it.

But wait, the Santa Claus we usually know is an old man in Red with a pot belly. Here’s what the Santa, famously known as Fashion Santa in Toronto look like.


Badass isn’t he?

Paul Mason, a model for 30 years is playing the role of Fashion Santa since years now. And he is available in Yorkdale mall in Toronto. Here’s the good part, for every selfie with Mason, Yorkdale donates a dollar!

If you are in Toronto, go visit him or let your friends know. This time Santa isn’t going to say Ho Ho Ho! Instead he takes selfies, attracts women and makes men jealous. That’s surely an awesome Christmas awaiting!


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