Breath Easy with these Fashionable Masks

Delhi has been rated as the city with the highest air pollution index in the world. With a rating of air quality is been the worst due to pollution caused by vehicular emmissions and emmissions by industries and crop burning. This poor quality of air is not only in Delhi bt also in Raipur, Kanpur and other places in UP,Bihar and MP. The air quality index worsens in Winter leading to many respiratory diseases.

The only way to stay clear from this is to wear masks, but the masks available in the market are boring white or blue and doesn’t help much.

But, worry not, a different kind of mask is now out in the market by a company called VogMask designed by Manish Arora.



They will have an advanced filter mechanism which is said to remove particulate matter as tiny as 0.3 microns, which is one-eighth the size of PM 2.5, which Delhi’s air is filled with.


These masks may help a lot of people suffering from respiratory problems, but they’re only a temporary solution to Delhi’s smog and pollution.


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