Can you wear a Bikini on an airplane?

Are you one of those adventurous types that you can go the distance to try out crazy things? Do you love to try out new stuff? Have you thought whether wearing a Bikini on an airplane would be exciting stuff?

If yes, read on the story of this lady who did that!

So this lady, lets just call her Clara, who lives in Norway and Greece both, did that. So Clara was in Greece and when at the beach remembered about her flight. She rushed to the airport as all that she had in her hand was her handbag which had her passport and other little stuff. Eventually she had to fly in her Bikini only.

Since an aircraft is a cold place because of air-conditioners running  all time, she was offered blankets to help her ease out, but had to use many to feel better!

At her stopover she had to spend a good amount of money to but clothes, since all brands at the airport were the expensive ones.

So should you travel in the airplane wearing just a Bikini? Ask Clara and her answer would be a big NO!


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