Be the Change – Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma, the bubbly punjabi girl who started her career with the mellow “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” to “Dil Dhadakne Do” released this year, has completed 7 years in the Industry. After being in the Industry for so many years, she shared her experience with Anupama Chopra in a recent video.

Anushka has now become an established actress in the industry, but is still not being treated at par with the Male actors. The Industry, she says, is biased towards the Male Actors, and female actors are just to compliment their male counterparts. The Industry reports suggest that less than 10 % of the films only are made by Women in such a big Industry, and surviving in the Industry is difficult where there is always one person ready to crush the other.


Recently Anushka’s movie NH10 was released that was produced by Anushka herself, creating a one of its kind instance and her role in that movie was off traditional views of the audience. This created a spur of a different kind. An industry where the male is the protagonist 95% of the time saw a movie where the female did what she wasn’t really expected to.

The Industry which is hell bent on achieving numbers, is oriented towards the 100-300 Crore club, Says Anushka, which then puts the creativity down. In such an Industry, being herself and staying to the ground is very important, which she does with so much ease. And inspite of spending 7 years in the industry, she calls herself mediocre.

Anushka in NH10

Anushka recalls, that in the industry, the mindset is so stagnant, suggesting something to the director is like hurting his ego, and being called a bitch at the back or having too much method.

Anushka has been very open about herself, and in fact very much open about her relationship with Virat, which she respects so much. But the way she has been talked about has put her on backfoot. She wishes that the Industry had a really mellow approach and males would be open giving the women a lead like George Clooney did in Gravity! That’s something the industry really needs.


To a woman who has been so honest, open, hard working and talented, the industry is a difficult place to survive in, and wants to see a change. Anushka Sharma, you are an inspiration to all the women out there who succumb their voice in the need of survival. Our deepest respects for you, Lady!

Picture source – Pinterest


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