How to select the right tie for you

When wearing a suit or a blazer, a tie can be a stylish addition to the look! Selecting the right tie is necessary so that it enhances the look. The Suit may be in basic colors, but the tie adds flavors to it.
Here’s what you need to do in order to select the right tie

1. Look at the pattern

Ties come in many patterns ranging from stripes to paisleys to tartan-check. The rule for matching patterns is that no two pieces of clothing should utilize the same pattern size and to a lesser degree pattern type.

Pattern size is the distance between the stripes on your shirt, should not be close to the width of the stripes on your tie; by doing this you can create an optical illusion of movement which the human eye finds unattractive.



2. Selecting the color

The colors of all the garments’ colors are in harmony. The color of the tie should blend with the color of the suit and the Shirt. If you are unsure select the basic safe colors and experiment with them. Light Red, Blue can be simple and subtle. The tie should not dominate the shirt and the suit, but should blend well.


3. Checking the Necktie proportion

Although often not as important as either pattern or color, proportion can play a role in matching when a necktie varies from the standard 3.5 inch width and is either a skinny tie (less than 3 inches wide) or excessively wide tie (more than 3.75 inches).

For skinny or wide ties you need to take in factors such as the height and weight of the individual and the width of his suit’s lapels. A thin petite man will look sharp with thin lapels and a thin tie, while a large man with wider build lapels wearing the same skinny tie will look ridiculous.


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