Smartwatches everyone should know about

If you are somebody who is tech savvy and love watches, then these watches are the right thing. Not only do they show time, but also help you with a lot of other stuff. These are giving the traditional watches a run for their money!

1. The Apple watch 

Probably the best one in the list. Apple watch launched earlier this year created a stir in the market the day it was announced. With a lot of watch only apps for the smart watch, this watch is only getting smarter. Costs around 350$



2. Moto 360.

This one is particularly for the ones using android, though it works on ios as well. This beats the apple watch on looks with customizable strap, and enhanced color range, the tech savvy women would love this. Costs 300$



3. LG Watch Urbane

An excellent design and smart functionality, this watch is really good. Though, the dial of the watch is a little big, if it fits, it suits well! Costs 250$



4. Fossil Q Founder

Android connection, sleek and smart design, runs on intel processor and has 4 GB internal memory, what else can you wish from a smart watch. This fossil watch created news when it was launched, and nobody’s complaining 😉 Costs 270$



5. Tag Heuer Connected 

This luxury watch costs around 1500$ to start with. Powered by Intel processor, this smartwatch connects to the Android system. This watch is similar in design to the Tag heuer Carrera analog watch. Its gold version costs 17,000$. If you have a good amount of money to spare, you probably know which one to buy!





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