Things you should keep in mind for dressing at work

Office wear is a tricky space, because you need to be wearing something powerful yet mellow, stylish yet low toned, comfortable but not completely casual! If you are one of those who are just entering the corporate extravaganza, you certainly need to keep these things in mind.

1. Keep it simple

Simple dressing that manes a statement is necessary, don’t over do stuff. Simple button down shirts are effective.



2. Keep the perfect fit.

Too baggy or too fit will be uncomfortable, Wear something that helps you stay relaxed.

office wear 2


3. Don’t wear loud colors

Loud colors will attract unwanted attention. Try to avoid wearing them.

Something like this is a No-No!

4. Don’t put too much make up

A basic make up is wonderful, if needed give it a re-touch after lunch.

office wear 3


5. Keep your Indian wear light and simple

Don’t add unwanted jazzy stuff to your clothing.



6. Jewellery should be simple

Wear jewellery that is simple like light ear-rings and pendants.



7. Hair should be neat

Your hair has to be dry and well maintained. Weird looking hairstyle is a complete No!

1e763ddcdd0c8980e13530ab9c06d876 (1)





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