Ranveer Singh bares it all

Ranveer Singh, the over energetic, the naughty , the ever-enthusiastic person we all know, let out a very different kind of a story of his in a recent interview with Anupama Chopra and NDTV. His next movie Bajirao Mastani is up for release on Friday and he shared his experience while he was shooting the film as well.

Starting with Band Baaja Baarat, Ranveer enetered the film industry with a bang. His debut film grossed 215 Crores and made him an overnight superstar. But that was the story we all know, the struggle behind the success is always invisible. He shared that he was a fat kid, and though equally enthusiastic, getting into shape was not so easy. His struggle was also imminent during his theatre class days. His teacher was not impressed by his performance and called him a rotten apple, and that he should be in bollywood. He was not the one fit for theatre, he was told.


He recalls one of the worst moments that had happened to him during his struggling days, he revealed that he had been a victim to the casting couch, saying, one of the directors he met was asking him to sleep with him in order to gain a role in his film. He was devastated and had to leave from there, refusing blatantly to compromise.

But that was then, now he has reached heights he couldn’t imagine. With films such as Gunday, Ram Leela, Lootera, Dil Dhadakne Do have made him reach the pinnacle. He is doing a role which he considers the most difficult role he has ever faced, of Baji Rao Peshwa, the Maratha Warrior.

In his experience of the movie, he recalls that it was a hard movie and with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, it made it more difficult. Sanjay sir, as he recalls, is like a typical audience, sitting with a popcorn and if the scene becomes boring, shouts on the actors that “You’re Boring!” and makes them do the scene again. But there was one particular instance he says was the best, when he had to shoot a 6 minute log, Sanjay was so impressed, he was compared to Daniel Day Lewis, who Ranveer fondly looks up to! The key to it was the hunger to keep improving and constantly learning.

rs 2

“I was shattered when I had learnt about my Injury, sitting for 2 and a half months was difficult” says Ranveer, who recalls the incident where he suffered through an injury on the last day of the action shoot! He says it was so near yet so far! But he took it positively and prepared for it double once he was back.

When asked about his high energy and enthusiasm, Ranveer responded saying that he had always been so outgoing, an attention seeker, a court jester, but more, he was easily attached,empathetic and hyper-emotional, and his ever happy nature has become his personality. Enthusiastically he adds that his secret for energy is Nutella and Black Coffee!

rs 4

Ranveer Singh, you have been an epitome of energy and child-like enthusiasm, which is a must for everybody in the ever-so-boring world. Please continue to spread joy and bliss everywhere you go and loads of luck for Bajirao Mastani.


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