7 Shahrukh Khan Movies that inspired the audience’s styling

Shahrukh Khan leads a generation. Whatever he does, everyone tries to do the same. He has played many different roles and each character had his own sense of style and looks. Here are just a few looks from his movies that influenced everyone.


Playing the baddy in the movie, his look in this movie was raw and gangster style. Leather jackets, boots and glares teamed up to give him the look! Of course to add to it were accessories like earrings, head bands,hand bands, and gloves! Eagle Gang was the talk of the town then!




Playing a teacher in this movie, SRK’s styling was more simple with formal dressing coming into play. One thing that stood out was the way he styled his sweater,tying it around the neck and Turtle necks tshirts! You will see somebody wearing the sweater in this style till date.



Main Hoon Na

Playing an undercover army office in the role of an old student, the styling here was more of the “uncle” types. The sweaters and shirts he wore made the uncle look cool!



Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

In this movie he played the role of a college youth trying out different colors and patterns showcasing his attire. The “cool” chain, the Gap sweatshirts that he wore got many to don that as well! College students tried to emulate SRK’s look, and 90’s saw many Rahuls in every campus.



Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Wearing a black leather jacket, playing a Mandolin in the lush green fields, Yes DDLJ influenced many a looks, including the attire worn by SRK in the song Mehndi Laga ke Rakhna.



Jab tak hai Jaan

Playing a man from the Army again, his look in this movie was of stylish jackets, Military pants and Ray bans! And to top that was a Bullet to add to his look! That’s one look that we loved!



Swades / Chak De India

Playing a man on a mission, this movie was more about keeping it simple with dressing that included plain shirts and jeans/ trousers. The simplicity in the styling enhanced the character motivated a lot of people to carry the same!



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