Worst dressed celeb moments in 2015

2015 was a year of ups and downs. While there were many looks that were an inspiration and amazing. But there were some that were plain Blah! Let’s look at the worst dressed celeb moments in 2015!

1. Kelly Osbourne

The styling just went overboard with this! Stripes over stripes is okay at times, but this time it wasn’t to be!



2. Solange Knowles

Well, this dress resembled a satellite antenna more than anything else!



3. Miley Cyrus

Like really Miley, we don’t have any words other than WTF!



4. Rihanna

The omelette dress and one of the most trolled photos of 2015!



5. Ranveer Singh

Don’t have a video game around? Fuck that, let’s be mario myself! The Comic Con would be the right place for this, but sadly, Ranveer wasn’t going there!



6.Kim Kardashian

What were you thinking, Kim?



7. Sienna Miller

Sienna showed up by dressing like a kid’s fantasy, a flying kite. Too bad, Sienna!



8. Sia
Why are you hiding, Sia?



9. Sonakshi Sinha

The dress is fine, but her cape just makes her look fat! Why not show off your figure Sonakshi?



10. Maisie Williams

The dress is gorgeous, but what’s with those furry footwear?



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