Retired but not tired! Fashion bloggers above the age of 40!

We have always seen on all the social media young men and women clicking pictures of their outfits, and writing about them. Yes, we are talking about the bloggers. But have you felt that blogging is not just restricted to these young people? How about we told you about the fashion bloggers above the age of 40! and they give these young ones a serious run for their money! You really need to follow these bloggers right now!

Catherine Summers 

Blog name : Not dressed as a lamb

Catherine displays a fine styling of colors and doesn’t shy from experimenting. Her blog features a good style quotient.

not dressed as a lamb 2

Kim France

Blog Name : Girls of a certain Age

She’s a highly active blogger, with constant updates asking and responding to questions. Her blog is filled up with shops she loves, designers and styling!

kim france

Blog name: Privilege

Lisa is an exceptional blogger, though her focus is mainly on styling on fashion, she also writes about other stuff like books, travel, family as well!


Judy Aldridge

Blog name : Atlantis Home

Though Judy doesn’t post regularly, but her blogs on vintage collections and styling is exquisite!



Blog name : Grit and Glamour

An outgoing and upfront blogger, Vahni has been in this for a long time now. Her posts about styling, fitness and travel are one of a kind! Her Vlogs are worth watching too!


Lyn Slater

Blog Name : The accidental icon

Lyn is bold and experimental when it comes to styling and her blog is worth reading! A variety of locations and bold styling is too good!



Blog Name : Lady Of Style

A blog filled with writing in travel and styling, hers is more of a classic approach. Annette’s styling is commanding!



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