5 TV characters that inspire us with their style

With the rise of a new TV age, where budgets and production quality are on par with the big screen, we’re seeing fictional characters becoming increasingly influential when it comes to men’s fashion and style.

Today, have a look at 5 TV characters that inspire us with their style

1. Jon Snow, Game Of Thrones

Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington with his athletically lean build, aristocratic good looks and that tangle of curly brown hair, is the fantasy series’ man that every man wants to be. This GOT star has since featured in numerous fashion shows and magazine covers!
His raw and medieval looks have got girls go crazy over him!



2. Neal Caffrey, white collar

A con-man played by Matt Bomer is one of the most stylish characters on TV. His Italian suits, shoes and hats have floored women! To top that, his charm and wit add to the impeccable style.

neal caffrey


3. Harvey Specter, Suits

If there’s one TV character whose styling is unmatchable, it has to be Harvey Specter. Played by Gabriel Macht, his choice of suits and his looks have inspired many to copy. To add to that, his lawyer instincts and arguments.



4. Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes

Played by Benedict Cumberbatch, this legendary detective not only charms us by his tact and brains, but also by his styling. Those scarves, long jackets and the classic cap flocking the London streets.

The detective’s wardrobe is dapper, made up of statement overcoats, well-tailored suits and a seemingly endless series of slim Dolce & Gabbana shirts.



5. Don Draper, Mad Men

Undoubtedly one of TV’s most sartorially adept characters of recent years, Mad Men‘s Donald Francis ‘Don’ Draper, played by Jon Hamm, is just as famous for his sharp suiting as he is for his enigmatic identity and extramarital exploits.

Yet Draper’s biggest success has perhaps been off-screen, with the character responsible for sky-rocketing classic suiting to an unprecedented level of popularity and driving forward menswear’s new-found obsession with all things tailored. As well as the Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers power tailoring he relies on for powwows, Draper’s got his off-duty looks down pat, integrating well-cut smart-casual pieces such as check sport coats, fitted navy polos and even the odd Hawaiian shirt into his downtime ensembles.



Who out of these do you love the most? Comment below to let us know!



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