Meet the most fashionable grandfather in the world

Meet Günther Anton Krabbenhöft, a grandpa from Berlin, Germany who is making waves around the world because of his style. He was noticed by a german blogger near a train station in a red bowling hat, yellow bow tie and burgundy leather driving gloves.

Some sources tell that he is 104 years old, and some of them say he is 70 years old. Whatever his age, he is a style icon everyone should look up to. Modern day hipsters could take a styling lesson from him.

Here, look at some of his pictures

Grandpa - 2



While you think at this age he might be staying indoors, in calmness, but that’s not the case. He often visits clubs and is loves dancing on the weekends. He is a fan of french culture, and loves french cuisines and styling.

His style quotient is adding joy to every outfit he wears. He wants to enjoy in whatever he wears.

grandpa 3

Grandpa 4


While they say that fashion and beauty is timeless, this man clearly proves so! We salute you grandsire!




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