10 watches for men under Rs.10,000

Looking for a gift for your friend or looking to buy for yourself and have low budget? Let us help you with the right watch you can buy under Rs.10,000

1. Guess Force

This guess watch is classic and will suit anything you wear.  Cost Rs.9875

guess force


2. Mark Maddox

This one is for the ones who love the 80’s & 90’s style , it typically can be worn on any formal wear. Cost Rs.2995

Mark Maddox 1


3. Fossil Ch2972-c

A very simple and decent looking watch for the ones who dont like flashy stuff. Cost Rs.5998

Fossil-Ch2972-C-Black-Black-Analog-Watch-7102-1880771-1-pdp_slider_l (1)

4. Daniel Klein Dk10425-1

An absoulute steal in around Rs. 4030, this watch is best for the party goer and informal looks.



5. Casio Enticer

For the metal lovers, this watch will gel with suits, and typical formal look. Cost Rs.6645


6. Police Pl13894jsub61mj

This one is for the ones who want to try something different. This watch looks stylish and elegant. Cost Rs.8796


7. Tommy Hilfiger Th1791095j

Big round dial, gold exteriors and leather belt. Will be suitable to be worn over blazers and Jeans. Cost Rs.8796


8. Casio G-Shock Black

This one is for the adventurers! Cost  Rs.7595


9. Giordano A1014-04

A timeless design, this watch is for the ones who like it classy and simple. Cost Rs.3748


10. Esprit Es105331002-N_Sor

This one from Espirit is for the ultra modern and rebels. Golden is passe! Silver is the new Golden! Cost Rs.9176

Comment below if you have any more watches for us to look into 🙂


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