Your fashion guide to road trips!

This is the time when road trips are imminent. Hitting the road, travelling long distances and going unknown places gives a different feeling altogether.

Dressing for a road trip is a struggle, especially when trying to find the perfect balance between fashion and comfort. “I want to look good, but I’m going to be in the car for so long that I need to be comfortable.”

1. Comfort is the key

lts about comfort when it comes to spending an extended period of time in the car. Go with a pair of shorts and top it off with your favorite t-shirt. Not only are you dressed for the car ride, but you’ll also feel comfortable and fashionable at any pit stops you make.

Shorts 2


2. The flowy style

Dresses and tops that flow are a must when it comes to road trip fashion, especially since the goal is to combine fashionable with comfortable. So go with a loose shirt, a billowy skirt or even that flowy maxi dress you’ve been dying to wear all summer long.

flow maxi


3. Athletic wear

Who said yoga pants cannot be fashionable? Yoga pants teamed up with a decent top, can give you a smart and comfortable look. You can also go for that trek if you happen to find one!


4. Tank tops

Tank tops are lightweight, comfy and, when worn correctly, have enough style to prevent the “living out of my car” look. There’s a tank top for every woman’s style, and one that fits every woman’s personality as well. So whether you pair your tank with jeggings, shorts or tuck it into a skirt, tank tops are the thing.


5. Rompers

Rompers are the perfect road trip outfit, for many reasons. For one thing, they’re extremely comfy, and for another, they look classy with minimal effort, especially when paired with a statement necklace or scarf.

They’re also relatively lightweight and won’t take up so much room in your bag for the drive back, making your “on the road” outfit of little inconvenience.


Go and hit the road and have lots of fun 🙂



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