Fashion style statements which Salman Khan rocked in his movies

Followed by Millions, Salman Khan is not just a star, he is an inspiration! So much that everything he says and does is followed by blindly! Here are a few style statements that Salman Rocked, motivating the fans to follow.

The “friend cap” in Maine Pyaar Kiya

Apart from the love story and songs of Maine pyaar kiya, the friend cap worn in this movie has stood out and is remembered by a lot many!



The leather jacket in maine pyaar kiya

The leather jacket worn by Salman khan in Maine pyaar kiya with a lot of patch work, got many to dress up in the similar way!

leather jacket


The Scarf in Ek Tha Tiger

He passionately donned scarves of various styles in this movie, but the one most remember is the black n white chequered scarf,well followed by everyone!



The Ray-Bans in Dabangg

Playing Chulbul Pandey in this movie, the Ray Bans worn by Salman in the movie impelled the fans to wear them and the special place of placing it in the back of the shirt!

Ray Bans


The Shirt-less style in Pyaar Kiya to Darna Kya

One of the most famous songs in his career, Oh Oh Jaane Jaana, where he was shirtless throughout began a style that is endless, the shirtless style!



The Tere Naam Hairstyle

This one is definitely remembered by everyone! This weird hairstyle where locks of hair fall over your face in a C shape, will be one of the most remembered hairstyle in India!



The Bajrangi Bhai jaan locket

This locket, made of the shape of a “Gada” of lord Hanuman, has roused his fans to wear them too! You will see a lot of people wearing the same in India!



His Bracelet

If you see a person wearing an oversized bracelet with a blue stone in the middle, he is surely a die-hard Salman Khan fan! That’s how much this style is in place in India that even some celebs wear them!


Special Mention : Being Human Tshirts

He made charity look cool with his brand, being human!



We wish Salman Khan a very Happy Birthday!

giphy (1).gif


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