6 New Year’s resolutions to a fashionable you

The new year is almost here and also is the time to take new years resolutions. These resolutions are almost usually broken within the first few months of the year. But take these resolutions to a fashionable and forward you!

Here are our list of resolutions we recommend

1. I will not take resolutions I cannot keep

New Year’s resolutions are a cause of new beginnings and if you’re taking resolutions that you cannot keep, please don’t take any!



2. I will wear what I am comfortable in

If you are the one who goes out of your way just to look stylish without feeling comfortable, please don’t. Fashion is comfort, not harming yourself.



3. I will not tolerate body shaming

Body shaming is a sin! It should not and cannot be tolerated. if somebody tries to body shame you , just give it back to them.



4. I will not spend uselessly

Economic times may get hard, you may be rich, but you need to be careful of what you buy. If you dont need something, yet you buy it, that habit needs to be stopped.



5. If I feel it doesn’t look good on me, it doesn’t.

Stop wasting your time trying clothes again and again. If it doesnt look good on you, probably you are right. You need to stop wasting your time, and move on to trying the other dress



6. I will get organized!

Yes, you need to get organized if you aren’t already! Will help you and save your time.



But, all in all we wish you a very sexy, stylish and fashionable year ahead!



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