Nimrat Kaur reveals it all!

Remember the gorgeous lady who tempted us to buy a Cadbury silk in the advertisement? yes the same one who starred in the movie Lunchbox, the gorgeous Nimrat Kaur. Nimrat had recently given an interview to a youtube channel, in which she shared her life and her experience, as well as her take on Marijuana, article 377 and feminism.




Nimrat began her career with the hindi movie Peddlars, which was widely acclaimed in the indie films circuit. Her role in the movie lunchbox gave her the limelight she deserved after a brief limelight following the cadbury commercial. When asked What got her to Film Industry, Nimrat said, she was never inclined to studies but being an actor in a family which had no connection to film industry was difficult. She also revealed her difficult time when her father was abducted by a group of terrorists in 1994, and eventually passed away a few days later, “but it was a learning, you always learn from bad times” said Kaur. She thanked her mother for being her backbone and giving her the freedom and strength to help her move on.



On feminism, Nimrat says, shes never been clear on the term, but equality is what she believes in, though, condemns domestic violence and other news that we are presented with day in and out.





On Article 377, Nimrat recalls an incident where she met a woman in New York who wanted to have “fun”, she asked Nimrat to come over, and asked her to come alone. She got a bit shocked and refused. But in a way, she says, what happens inside a person’s bedroom shouldn’t concern others! She also says she has tried Marijuana, but it doesn’t be a part of her routine and would prefer spending time with her cats instead who give her a relaxed time.




To be so open and so true requires a lot of daring and patience, and Nimrat has it all. We wish Nimrat Kaur good luck for her upcoming film.


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