Fashion Moments that must be kept in 2015 only!

This year was full of unforgettable fashion, from the amazing style on our favorite TV shows to the women who made power dressing fiercer than ever before. But not every trend we saw in 2015 was praiseworthy, and with the good comes the bad — even the ugly.

We want out with the old, in with the new, and are hoping for positivity from the fashion industry in 2016. We’re striving toward acceptance and wearing clothes that truly make us smile, but before we do, we’re taking a moment to wave goodbye to moments from 2015 we won’t miss and crossing our fingers that history doesn’t repeat itself!

1. Overexposed Celebs

Whether it was Miley Cyrus’s outrageous outfits while hosting the MTV Video Music Awards or Kim Kardashian’s boundary-pushing maternity looks, overexposure was common in 2015 — and barely there outfits encouraged us to bring on the modesty!



2. Gimmicky Fashion
There’s a fine line between taking fashion risks and being plain old tacky. The red carpet should be fun, but there’s a time and a place for over-the-top costumes — which are better left for Halloween.



3. Keeping Up With Every Trend
Less should be more in 2016, so goodbye, quantity, and hello, essentials! Instead of moving on to the next best thing before even identifying what was so special about a trend in the first place, we vow to take a second to appreciate what draws us to each piece we’re purchasing.



4. Body Shaming
Fashion is for everyone! Celebs got real about their bodies on social media to fight for acceptance, and took a stand against haters. In 2016, let’s spread the love.



5. Tasteless Fashion
Brands and retailers need to give more thought to what they’re putting out there.



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