The style set to come back in 2016 – Embroidered Jeans

Embroidery has come a long way since the threaded daisies, rainbows, and peace signs of the sixties flower child look. A revival of a forgotten fashion is emerging, The embroidered Denims. And the throwback style has never felt more right now. Think of it as an extension of the now ubiquitous Levi’s 501s, Vogue Denim Editor Kelly Connor says, “in the way that women are moving from their skinny jeans to their old vintage Levi’s, whether they were hand-me-downs, an Etsy or eBay vintage find, it is nice to have some personality in your jeans.” And now, along with the rise of bespoke monograms and personalized patches, denim customization has taken hold of every cuff, collar, and back pocket worth its grommet and buttonhole.

Whether it’s a small, personalized stitch or a groovy western-inspired design, embroidered denim is a must-have for 2016. It is a universal fashion and anyone can pull it off, it’s effortless, easy, and season-less. Despite how widespread it is, denim is something you can easily make all your own, depending on how you style it.

Embroidered Denims have revived and its surely going a long way, here are some inspirations that you can take!








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