Pooja Bedi’s Daughter lashes out at haters

Recently, Missmalini team had featured the very stunning Aalia, who happens to be Pooja Bedi’s daughter, on their page. She also wrote an article which was titled, ” India, are you looking at this? ” in the pretext of gettiing her into the limelight she deserved. That’s the good part. What happened next was Really, Really Sad!

Sorry for the language, but in the comments she was called a “Randi”, meaning a whore, and that she was just another girl to take her clothes off to come to the industry. Another one said that she was “Porn Ready” and not “Bollywood Ready”. And a very Sanskari (Pun intended) man said “Indian girls like this are ruining our culture.”


But she decided to give it back. She wrote an article to these so called righteous preachers, which was titled “I am more than my Breasts”

And this is what she says : “If my cleavage is visible, it does not mean I am giving consent, it does not mean I am “asking for it.” I am more than my breasts and it is unfair to let them define me. I am an eighteen year old Indian girl and that does not take away the fact that I am allowed to dress the way I please. I wouldn’t judge or disrespect a woman in a burkha, salwaar kameez or sari, and I deserve the same respect back. I am not my breasts and it is unfair to sexualise me and base my morals, my achievements and my goals and ambitions on my breasts. I am not my breasts. If my top is a little low, it does not mean I am a “randi.” If I choose to wear a bikini, it is my choice and it is about time we grow up and let individuals be their own people without fearing what society will say.”



We completely agree with Aalia here, we are in the 21st Century and not some 16th Century conservative age! Its high time guys, Get a life!

Read the full response here


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