The hidden truth behind Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows

Victoria’s Secret fashion show is one of the most sexiest fashion shows ever, and the most awaited too! But, that’s just what happens in the forefront, what happens behind is always hidden!

Here’s what you should know about the show :

1. The models practice in their heels so they don’t bite the dust. Once they find out what shoes they’ll be wearing during the show itself, the girls walk in those heels during the fittings and the rehearsal. This way, they feel comfortable wearing them and don’t bust their butts on the runway.



2. Depending on the outfit, some of the girls wear a nude thong under their lingerie. This helps with potential overexposure.

3. Stylists use double-sided fashion tape to keep everything in place. You won’t see any bras and underwear sliding around or causing slips of any kind.



4. The models are in the hair and makeup chair for hours before the show. While the models wake up gorgeous, a lot of effort goes into making their hair and makeup look VS-worthy. In fact, there were 32 makeup artists, 32 hairstylists, and six manicurists on hand. They went through 60 Beachwaver hair tools and 40 cans of hairspray to help all 47 women get runway-ready.

Make ups


5. Every girl gets extensions. This is more to enhance the thickness and length.

6. The models look super bronzed because they get touched up with body makeup before getting dressed. In addition to getting spray tanned a day or two before the show, the girls each get a little more body makeup before they walk down the runway to make sure they look flawless.

2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Instant View


7. The majority of the models work out twice a day starting a week or two before the show. Talk about dedication.



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