Vikas Khanna’s Style statement

Vikas Khanna, the most stylish chef In India, in a recent interview, revealed his style quotient. He is one of the most widely known chefs, who has also been a judge in Masterchef’s Version of India. He says his style is simple and is filled with basic colors. He likes to play it safe, he says. Style for him is about attitude, and positive attitude is what he likes to convey from his clothes.


Vikas Khanna’s styling has lots of girls go Ga Ga over him. Being a man who can cook, hes the ultimate dream boy for every girl. His styling mainly consists of the formal look, typically a blazer or shirt over a trouser that fits perfectly. His favorites are Hugo Boss and Armani Tuxedos or a plain black suit! Not liking a tshirt that says something, he likes to keep his tshirts blank.


Accesories ? None really, as long as it defines simplicity and class. When it comes to shoes, he suggests not to wear square toed shoes, as your shoes define a lot in terms of your dressing.

When it comes to style Icon, Vikas is inspired by Shahrukh Khan’s styling and would lvoe to emulate Raj in DDLJ! Its important to look good everyday, he says, instead of looking different everyday.
When it comes to cooking or styling, vikas doesnt like to compromise. As much as defined his cooking is, so is the way he dresses up. Vikas, you are just too awesome!


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