The rise of Vegan Fashion

Veganism isn’t just about cutting meat and dairy from your diet. It’s also about quitting leather, suede and fur. And while avoiding fur may not be much of a stretch in southern and coastal areas of our country, doing without leather jackets and suede boots seems a tad drastic for fashionistas and aspiring fashion gurus. Since Vegan fashion involves no animal products, it gives the conscience a boost too.

Vegan Fashion (4)

A solution to this predicament is to go faux. There are several designers who prefer to be eco-friendly. For instance, Stella McCartney’s line of fur-free fur coats and use of synthetic leathers and suedes reflect the designer’s vegan lifestyle.

New York designer label Vaute uses vegan wool for its winter line. While sheep aren’t killed for their fleece, they aren’t always sheared with care, causing cuts and gashes. With Vaute’s synthetically-made woollen fabric, no animals are harmed.

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Vivienne Westwood has the approval of PETA for her eco-friendliness. Her collection of vegan footwear is both ethical and incredibly stylish. Websites like help you track other international labels and collections that are eco-conscious.

Closer home, there are numerous designers who create sustainable fashion. Designer Urvashi Kaur, for example, used khadi for her collection’s showing at Wills India Fashion Week 2015. In fact, with sustainability the theme of the season, designers showcased several eco-friendly collections during this fashion week. From Anupama Dalal’s ikat to Rajesh Pratap Singh’s indigo-dyed khadi, the spectrum was resoundingly organic.
And with established designers like Anita Dongre’s Grassroots reviving heritage crafts and supporting local artisans, sustainability takes on another dimension of eco-friendliness. Whether abroad or within the country, eco-warriors have plenty of support in fashion and we salute the growing movement.

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