Dressing rules for the working man!

Rule 1: Look the part to get the part

Dressing to suit the part is the first rule of the game. If you aspire to be the CEO of a company but wear open-toed sandals to work, it will be a long time before you get anywhere near the CEO’s office, let alone run the organization. To look the part, ensure that you have the basics of any business wardrobe in place, and you can be assured that you can alter your look by mixing and matching your separates. Without breaking the bank, it is entirely possibly to invest in a few stylish separates that will go a long way in spiffing up your appearance.




Rule 2: Stick to the norm

Do your research. Even before joining the company you would have got an idea of the dress code of the organization during the interview or by a brief given to you by the human resource personnel. Stick to the company’s line of thought in this regard and don’t veer away from their accepted dress codes. If the organization is conservative, stock up on formal clothing, and if the company policy is relaxed when it comes to work wear, you can buy more casual Friday dressing items of clothing.



Rule 3: First impressions count

You might be worried about not getting taken seriously because of a variety of reasons – whether it is about looking too young, too old, too boyish and so on. But if you want to change that perception, your choice of clothes is the first step. Dress in a more mature manner in dark suits, warm tones, and wear formal accessories. Stick to a conservative haircut and go for the clean- shaven look.



Rule 4: Don’t flash

Avoid flashy jewellery like rings, body piercings, and so on, like the plague. The only accepted jewellery in a business setting would be a wedding band and a wrist watch.



Rule 5: Colors are the clincher

Offices requiring business attire will expect conservative suits in dark shades. Stick to pinstripes in gray, blue and black when it comes to suits. Patterns are ok when it comes to shirts but make sure they aren’t loud or bizarre. Invest in formal shirts in safe colours like white, pastel shades, navy, black and burgundy.



Rule 6: It’s a perfect fit

There’s nothing worse than ill-fitting clothing, whether too loose or too tight! Ensure that your shirt is fitted and that it flatters your body type and minimises any flaws. You can guarantee this if you get your clothes tailored by a good tailor. Suggestions for styles, colors and cuts can come from a tailor who’s good at his work and he can actually up your fashion considerably at work.



Rule 7: Good grooming counts

No matter how fashionable your clothes or how well they fit, if you don’t take care to groom yourself well, it is all a wasted effort. Your hair should be washed and combed neatly. Your nails should be clean and trimmed. Take care to see that your teeth don’t have bits of food sticking in it. And use deodorant or perfume to kill any possibilities of body odor.


Courtesy : Men’s Xp.com


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