How to Select the right belt for Men

Wearing a belt is one of those things that can either make you look like the most fashionable person in the room or make people repel from you if you’re wearing the wrong fit. Considering how important it is to look good in office and post-work, we give you pointers on how to pick the right belt for yourself


The best advice we can give you regarding the length of your belt is to choose a belt that is one size larger than you. So, if you have a 32-inch belt then go for a 33 or 34-inch long belt. Keep in mind that your belt should fit you in the middle notches, not the last one. There isn’t too much leeway to be had if your belt is that close for comfort.



Many Indians make this mistake of choosing a belt with a thin width for formal occasions and having another outsize belt for informal clothes. Both these approaches are wrong. A thin belt will emphasize the gaps along the length of your belt holes while an outsize belt will find the going tough to fit in. When buying a belt, check that the entire width never crosses more than a couple of inches. As a rule of thumb, ensure that the width is not higher than your thumb’s size.



The classic dilemma area. Should you go for a fancy automatic hook buckle or the classic papa-generation belt buckle? Well, our advice is neutral here because the answer depends on your comfort factor. The only thing we will say on this matter is that conventional belt buckles are sturdier and less likely to cause problems when you least need them. And please, for god’s sake, stay away from the large cowboy and flashy Ed Hardy type buckles.


For formal wear, you only have a choice between black, brown and the various variations of these two primary colours. We recommend you pick a variable colour so that your belt can also be teamed up with cargos and jeans if the need arises. Keep in mind that colours on glossy belts and leather belts look different under lights. If possible try to go in for a dual-colour belt that has two colours on both sides and can be worn either way.




The last aspect of belt-buying revolves around the material of the belt. In India, you primarily have a choice between synthetic and real leather belts. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages but the final decision will always be dependent on your wallet power. Whatever type you choose, keep in mind that the finishing of the belt is as important as the material used. Formal belts have a plain and glossy finish while casual belts are generally given a matte or dull finish.


Courtesy : Men’s XP


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