5 kinds of hats that a man can flaunt!


1. The Beanie

From Gucci’s fall/winter ’15 collection on the runway to the streets, the beanie has earned huge fashion points, not just as an accessory to style, but also as a way to keep warm while staying snazzy!



2. The Baseball Cap

The baseball cap is every guy’s go-to when it comes to sporting cool caps. The season doesn’t really make a difference as long as it’s effortless. It’s one of the few accessories for men, where the more funky the styles, the better suited they are!



3. The Fedora

It’s classy, sophisticated and very gentlemanly



4. The Flat Cap

The flat cap may have its roots firmly set in the days of yore’s farmers, but Dolce & Gabbana’s fall/winter ’15 runway collection brought it right back into the modern-aged gentleman’s wardrobe must-have’s list! And if that isn’t convincing enough, how about Sherlock Holmes sporting the flat cap in ways that sure makes women weak in the knees!

flat cap


5. The Bucket Hat

It’s a hat; it’s a cap; it’s a flat cap… well, no. In fact, it’s a blend of all three styles wrapped in one and, if worn right, can really bring out your sense of style. Try this out with a casual graphic-printed t-shirt, a bomber jacket, a pair of faded blue jeans and sneakers.

Bucket hats


(Courtesy : Mensxp.com)


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