Denims that need not be washed!

Call it the denimhead’s dilemma: You live in your favorite pair of jeans, but eventually, they start smelling like it. Well, one company says they’ve solved the problem by inventing jeans that never stink or stain, no matter how often you wear them.

ODO Denim has a patent pending on its fabric, which is infused with silver thread that reduces the contact between stain-causing materials and the surface of the fabric. This makes it easier for liquids, including sweat, to just roll right off your jeans without getting absorbed.


Don’t believe it? The company posted a video showing honey, water, coffee, and red wine simply spilling off the jeans. And they also did a similar test with a T-shirt and Powerade:
The Kickstarter video says the clothing can go months without being washed, but the company is one-upping its own claim. Its director of marketing challenges anyone to get their jeans to smell bad in a year without a wash. If they succeed, ODO will send them a new pair for free.


With 15 days still to go, the company’s Kickstarter campaign has already raised more than ten times its initial goal of $10,000. Early backers on Kickstarter can get a stain-proof scarf for $25, a T-shirt for $35, or a pair of jeans for $109, though supplies are limited. The company plans on distributing and shipping the products around May or June of this year.



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