20 Things Every Girl needs to know

Every woman deserves to live a fierce, fabulous life, and we’ve got the scoop on how to do so. Here are 20 things that every girl needs to know. There’s plenty of others out there—tell us what we missed!

1. How to change a tire.

car tyre

2. How to jump your car battery.

3. How to do your taxes (or where to get them done for you).

4. When to walk away from an argument.

5. How to dress for the occasion: from a job interview to a music festival.


6.How to get over an ex.

7. How to cook one signature dish (in case you’re ever put on the spot).

8. Her actual bra size.

bra size

9. That taking a risk is almost always worth it.

10. The best birth control for her body (and how to use it!).

11. How to sit down at a restaurant alone without feeling self-conscious.


12. How to ask for the promotion you’ve earned.

13. How to accept a compliment.

14. How to tell someone your needs.

15. How to accept and love your body.

body type

16.How to ask someone on a date with confidence.

17. When to end a relationship.

18. How to travel solo.


19. How to cut off friends who are dragging you down.

20. When to call an expert for help.


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